We believe that modern developers can create positive change in developing countries, both for the environment and in people’s everyday lives. At Nawi Island, we are committed to being a catalyst for positive and holistic development in the community we live in. Our profound love and respect for Fiji’s blue waters, green lands, and its people, drives our contributions to Fiji’s long-term social, economic, and environmental growth.

The Nawi Island Pledge expresses our sustainability commitment. Developed after 8 years of due diligence and partnership with our expert consultants and Savusavu stakeholders, our sustainability plan will have a positive impact both within our development and in our wider environment.

Sustainability Pledge document (PDF) Coming Soon.

Our pledge

The Nawi Island development is the single most promising development of our time in Vanua Levu. Our Pledge commits us to working on four key pillars: biodiversity, water, education & empowerment, and connectivity. The growth of Nawi Island will have a positive economic effect on the local area and contribute to its infrastructural development. Our goal is to help the local people and the natural environment thrive.

Job opportunities

We plan to be a catalyst for positive economic growth in Fiji’s Northern Division, creating a plethora of direct and indirect employment opportunities. This includes jobs working on our ongoing construction projects; retail and service roles within Korovesa; and expanded opportunities with local contractors and suppliers as their own businesses grow.

Business creation

Through both the construction and ongoing operation of the Nawi Island development, we will create work for existing local businesses and opportunities for thriving new businesses to be established. Our development will allow more money to flow through the local economy, improving living standards and increasing business confidence.

Community involvement

At every step of development for Nawi Island, we’ve engaged the community directly. We will continue to empower local community-based socio-economic initiatives to protect culture, heritage and the natural environment while generating equitable economic benefits.

Resource efficiency

We believe in maximizing the natural resources around us to produce high yield and sustainable products, for ourselves and the surrounding communities. From the initial design stages, Nawi has been constantly incorporating environmentally friendly products and elements, made from local resources, that showcase the natural beauty of Savusavu and Fiji.

Community health

At Nawi Island, we are serious about protecting our pristine environment and its local people. We recognise that as a large-scale developer in Savusavu, we are uniquely placed to positively impact the health, safety and security of the local communities we live and work alongside. We will work hard to ensure a clean and healthy environment, with guaranteed protection of the natural world and local communities for the benefit of present and future generations.

Safety & security

Like all places in Fiji, we take safety and security, especially environmental security, seriously at Nawi Island. We implement best practice policies to eliminate any risk to the health and safety of our staff, visitors, and local communities.

Waste management

All operations at Nawi Island will follow 5R practices — Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. We’re committed to ensuring we send zero waste to landfill, recycling and repurposing all kinds of waste where possible, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Mangrove rehabilitation

Mangroves are the bridge between the terrestrial and marine environments. Important for marine life and coastal protection, mangroves are also a natural carbon sink, storing between 3 to 5 times more carbon than other trees. To date, we have planted over 20 hectares of mangroves in the area around Nawi Island — around 18,000 individual plants — with a commitment to planting at least 40 more hectares.

Coral transplantation

Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea and natural habitats for fish, so we are working with locals on a plan for coral reforestation. To allow coral colonies around Savusavu Bay to be protected, we are creating and maintaining a healthy coral sanctuary around Nawi Island as a tourist attraction.

Cultural heritage

Fostering a respectful approach to the human rights, dignity, aspirations, culture, and natural resource-based livelihoods of the Fijian people is important. Collaborating with the local people to develop cultural programmes, entertainment, and culture-based tourism services will ensure that cultural heritage is recognized and celebrated.

Labour relations

We value human rights and the fundamental rights of workers across all facets of our businesses, and will expect the same from our suppliers, for their workers. We believe that valuing workers ensures increased productivity and growth for our business, the people of Fiji and the local economy.