Anchorages & Destinations

The Fijian archipelago has 333 islands of which only 110 are inhabited giving you plenty of destinations to explore – many of which are only accessible by boat.

The Lau Group is notably stunning with sprawling lagoons and ocean carved volcanic outcrops enswathed in turquoise waters.

Cruising Fiji must be done with great care to the unreliable nautical charts and constantly changing reefs.    Yacht Help, our partners are able to provide tried and tested itineraries, tracks and waypoints.

8 must visit Anchorages

Nawi Island Marina has put together a list of beautiful anchorages in the North.  These islands have no land based tourism so you will be in the heart of the most beautiful beaches in Fiji. 

  • Namena Marina Reserve 17.1122°S  , 179.0900°E
  • Viani Bay 16.7516°S , 179.900°E
  • Rabi Island 16.4456°S , 179.9383°E
  • Ringgold Isles 16.500°S , 179.6873°E
  • Vanua Balavu 17.1699°S , 179.0207°E
  • Sau Bay 16.7516°S , 179.90257°E
  • Fulaga 19.1521°S , 178.5412°E
  • Gau Island 18.0073°S , 179.238°E