Anchorages & Destinations

The Fijian archipelago has 333 islands of which only 110 are inhabited giving you plenty of destinations to explore – many of which are only accessible by boat.

The Lau Group is notably stunning with sprawling lagoons and ocean carved volcanic outcrops enswathed in turquoise waters.

Cruising Fiji must be done with great care to the unreliable nautical charts and constantly changing reefs.    Yacht Help, our partners are able to provide tried and tested itineraries, tracks and waypoints.

8 must visit Anchorages

Nawi Island Marina has put together a list of beautiful anchorages in the North.  These islands have no land based tourism so you will be in the heart of the most beautiful beaches in Fiji. 

  • Namena Marina Reserve 17.1122°S  , 179.0900°E
  • Viani Bay 16.7516°S , 179.900°E
  • Rabi Island 16.4456°S , 179.9383°E
  • Ringgold Isles 16.500°S , 179.6873°E
  • Vanua Balavu 17.1699°S , 179.0207°E
  • Sau Bay 16.7516°S , 179.90257°E
  • Fulaga 19.1521°S , 178.5412°E
  • Gau Island 18.0073°S , 179.238°E

Turaga ni Koro

‘Sevusevu’ is usually a gift of kava required when visiting a Fijian village.

This mildly intoxicating traditional root can be bought in local markets in Savusavu in different sized bundles.

The gift is made to the Turaga (village chief) in exchange for anchoring in the village’s bay.  Gifts of fruit and invitations to church, communal meals and school visits are often returned by the villagers.  Sometimes a ‘meke’ – a Fijian cultural performance may be offered and a ‘lovo’  – a traditional feast cooked in an earth oven.

Kava roots are pounded and then mixed with water before being drunk in a ceremony with the chief and head men of the village.

Village etiquette requires you to remove your sunglasses and hat and to sit with your legs crossed on a mat.  Ladies should wear a sulu (sarong) to cover the knees and to not have bare shoulders

Scuba Diving

Savusavu is the perfect gateway to the best coral reefs in Fiji. 

Local dive sites offer hammerhead shark (Dreamhouse) encounters as well as soft coral reefs and volcanic shaped passages with frequent turtle sightings.

Namena Reserve (requires a marine park tag you can purchase in Savusavu town) offers one of the best dives in the world.  ‘Grand Central‘ is a steep drop off and plateau at the entrance to the lagoon with large pelagics, fish schools and vivid soft coral bommies.

Do NOT go to shore on Namena Island.  It is a protected booby colony and human visitors will interfere with their breeding.

Somosomo Strait, between  Vanua Levu and Taveuni, is home to world famous Rainbow Reef.  The Great White Wall and Jerry’s Jelly are beautiful soft coral sites covered in white Dendronephthya soft corals.

Hiking & Waterfalls

Other than Savusavu’s Vuadomo waterfall Taveuni’s Bouma national park offers beautiful hiking to the Tavoro waterfalls.  Accessible at 3 levels of altitude this waterfall is the pinnacle of the must do onshore activities on Fiji’s ‘garden’ island.

The Lavena coastal walk offers spectacular views of lush rainforest, ocean expanses and flora and fauna.