Discover your Nawi adventure

Vuadomo waterfall

A local natural highlight is the stunning Vuadomo waterfall, the perfect place for a pristine freshwater swim. Vuadomo village and waterfall are just a 15 minute drive from Savusavu.

Scuba and snorkel trips

Fiji’s underwater wonders are world famous. Cruise out to the Namena Marine Reserve or other nearby reefs to enjoy the colour and tranquility of a snorkelling or scuba diving adventure.

Kayak or paddleboard adventures

Explore the coast around Nawi Island and Savusavu Bay at your own pace, by kayak or paddleboard. Take a short trip to stay fit, or make a day of it and see the sights.

J. Hunter Pearls tour

Pearl farming is a key local industry in Savusavu. A farm tour with J. Hunter Pearls gives you a new perspective on these rare treasures from both above and below the waterline — and the opportunity to find your own special treasure in their showroom.

Freediving courses

Ready to unlock your body’s potential and learn the art of freediving in just one breath? Savusavu Bay is the ideal place to learn from qualified instructors and explore Fiji’s incredible underwater environment.


Traditional Fijian village visits

A village visit is a wonderful way to connect to the vibrant culture of Fiji and experience the warmth of the local people. There are many villages close to Nawi Island that can arrange a welcoming experience for visitors.

Waisali Rainforest Reserve

Covering the hills and valleys north of Savusavu, with hiking trails to experience, this stunning tropical rainforest is home to a varied range of exotic birds and flowers, trees and plants – including 30 varieties of orchid, with the option to hike your own route through the lush natural beauty, or take a guided tour and learn as you wander.

Savusavu farmers market

This local market is a wonderful place to shop for fresh and locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as seafood and local favorites. It’s also a fantastic place to meet friendly local vendors and enjoy the vibrancy of modern Fiji.

Flora Tropical Gardens

A short distance from Savusavu town is this glorious botanical garden, home to 250 species of palm, spectacular flowers, 40 types of tropical fruit trees and much, much more. Take a tour along its stone paths and elevated timber walkways to see the very best of Fiji’s flora.

Activities, Activities and more Activities

And for those that enjoy getting out and about, enjoy a day of Golf, Yoga, Spas, an array of water sports or an evening of fine dining, buffet dinners, and entertainment at the luxurious resorts in and around Savusavu.


Our favourite sailing destinations

For sailors, Nawi sits at the gateway to some of the most beautiful parts of Fiji and exciting, world class diving. Nawi Island is the perfect port for exploring this marine paradise.


Known as the Garden Isle, Taveuni lies to the east of Savusavu Bay. It’s a prime destination for exploring Fiji’s natural beauty, with Bouma National Heritage Park covering nearly a third of the island. The stunning reefs in the Somosomo Strait and at Waitabu Marine Park offer an incredible undersea experience.

Namena Marine Reserve

Crystal clear waters, 1000-foot underwater drop offs and vibrant coral reefs teeming with life welcome divers in Namena Marine Reserve, one of Fiji’s most carefully protected jewels. Lying southwest of Savusavu Bay, it is a mecca for divers from all around the world.

The Lau Group

Scattered across the Pacific, southeast of Nawi, the picturesque Lau group of islands are far off the tourist track. Only recently opened up to visiting yachts, there are no resorts here — just excellent fishing, great diving, rich cultural experiences and beautiful scenery.

Vatu-i-Ra Passage

Another spectacular diving destination is the Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park, located to the southwest of Savusavu in the sea passage between Fiji’s two main islands, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. It is home to a diverse variety of sea life, including sightings of whales and dolphins.