‘Sevusevu’ is usually a gift of kava required when visiting a Fijian village.

This mildly intoxicating traditional root can be bought in local markets in Savusavu in different sized bundles.

The gift is made to the Turaga (village chief) in exchange for anchoring in the village’s bay.  Gifts of fruit and invitations to church, communal meals and school visits are often returned by the villagers.  Sometimes a ‘meke’ – a Fijian cultural performance may be offered and a ‘lovo’  – a traditional feast cooked in an earth oven.

Kava roots are pounded and then mixed with water before being drunk in a ceremony with the chief and head men of the village.

Village etiquette requires you to remove your sunglasses and hat and to sit with your legs crossed on a mat.  Ladies should wear a sulu (sarong) to cover the knees and to not have bare shoulders